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Differences and application scenarios of titanium steel, tungsten steel and stainless steel

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As we all know, there are many types of steel, mainly including carbon steel, high-grade high-quality steel, carbon tool steel, ordinary steel, alloy steel, steel pipes, special performance steel, boiler steel plates, professional steel, steel plates, killed steel, Medium carbon steel, spring steel, carbon steel, bearing steel, etc.;

Among them, stainless steel is the most common type of steel.

So, are tungsten steel and titanium steel types of steel? What are the differences between these three types of materials?

This article will focus on the differences between tungsten steel, titanium steel and stainless steel and their respective application scenarios.

I. Titanium steel

Titanium steel is actually a commercial name and a type of stainless steel. It is called titanium steel, but it actually does not contain titanium, but 316L stainless steel. It is called titanium steel to attract people. Even some "titanium alloy jewelry" are actually stainless steel products that do not contain titanium.

Titanium steel is commonly used in the following areas due to its excellent corrosion resistance:

1-Aerospace field. Titanium steel has the advantages of good resistance to high temperature corrosion and is mostly used in engine blades, fuselage shells and other components of aircraft, spacecraft, etc.;

2-Chemical industry. Titanium steel has good corrosion resistance to a variety of acid and alkali chemical media, and is widely used in chemical equipment, ocean platforms, seawater desalination and other related fields;

3-Medical field. Titanium steel has good biological inertness, is harmless to the human body, and has relatively good corrosion resistance, so it is often used in the manufacture of prostheses, artificial joints, shell instruments, etc.;

4-Sports equipment field. Titanium steel is light in weight and high in strength, and is suitable for use in sports equipment. For example, golf clubs, bicycle frames, tennis rackets, etc. are all very suitable for use in titanium steel.

5-As well as in various fields such as nuclear industry, marine engineering, electronic chemical industry, and automobile manufacturing.


2. Tungsten steel

Tungsten steel is not steel, but a carbide. Tungsten steel generally contains cobalt but not iron. Strictly speaking, cemented carbide including tungsten steel is a type of cermet;

1-Construction & Machinery Manufacturing Field; Due to its high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and many other characteristics, tungsten steel is usually used to reinforce reinforced concrete, explosion-proof doors, anti-theft windows and other building materials and to manufacture knives, vehicles, etc. Knives, milling cutters and other processing tools.

2-Chemical & Medical Fields; Like titanium steel, tungsten steel is also suitable for chemical and medical fields. Tungsten steel can be used to make corrosion-resistant containers, pipes, pumps and other equipment, and can also be used to make scalpels and medical devices to help improve the service life and safety of medical devices;

3. Stainless steel

The development of my country's stainless steel industry started late. Before the reform and opening up, stainless steel was mainly used in industry and national defense. With the vigorous development of economic forces in all aspects of society, stainless steel materials are currently used in tableware, household appliances, machinery manufacturing, architectural decoration, coal and other fields;

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