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NC Machine Tools After The Nine Processing Common Sense You Know How Many?

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NC machine tools after the nine processing common sense you know how many?

Today Yi Xin will show you to get to know what the NC machining, it is to point to in NC machine tool parts processing, use digital information to control the displacement of parts and tooling a mechanical processing method, solve parts type variable, small bulk, shape is mixed and disorderly, advanced precision problem and realize the automatic processing of efficient and effective way.

What are the precautions after processing? Here are nine tips:

1. Remove the chips and scrub the machine tool, use the machine tool and keep the environment clean, pay attention to check or replace the oil wipe plate on the damaged guide rail of the machine tool.

2. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, add or replace them in time, and turn off the power supply and the total power supply on the operation panel of the machine in turn.

3. NC machine should follow the principles of zero return (with special requirements), manual, inching and automatic when starting. Machine operation should follow the principle of low speed, medium speed, and then high speed, during which the operation time of low speed and medium speed should not be less than 2-3 minutes. When no abnormal conditions are admitted, the operation may begin.

4. It is forbidden to knock, correct and correct the work piece on the chuck or between the centers. It is necessary to admit that the work piece and the tool are clamped before the next operation can be carried out.

5. The machine tool on the safety and safety protection equipment, the operator is not allowed to disassemble and move, the machine tool start processing before it is necessary to select the procedure check method to check whether the program is similar to the processed parts, after the program is correct, can manage the safety cover, start the machine tool parts processing.

6. The machine tool accessories, measuring tools and cutting tools should be properly kept and kept in good condition. After the training, the machine tool should be cleaned and kept clean.

7. The machine in the operation of the occurrence of problems or abnormal phenomena should stop immediately, protect the site, immediately state the site responsibility, the operator is prohibited to modify the parameters of the machine. If necessary, it is necessary to notify the device administrator and ask the device administrator to make corrections.

8. Understand the skill requirements of part drawing; check whether the blank size and shape have defects. Select reasonable parts of the device, the correct selection of CNC turning things, device parts and tools to ensure accurate and strong.

9. Understand and grasp the control and operation panel of CNC machine tool and its operation essentials, input the program into the system accurately, simulate the view, room cutting, and do a good job of preparation before processing.

Reasonable selection of cutting parameters

For high-efficiency metal cutting, the data to be machined, the things to be machined and the conditions to be machined are the three main factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and processing quality. An economical and effective machining method must be a reasonable choice of cutting conditions.

Three factors of cutting conditions: cutting speed, cutting feed and cutting depth directly cause tool damage. With the improvement of cutting speed, the tip temperature will rise, resulting in mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. Improved cutting speed reduces tool life by 1/2.

The relationship between feed conditions and tool back wear occurs in a very small range. But large feed, cutting temperature rise, behind the wear, it has less effect on the tool than the cutting speed. The influence of cutting depth on the tool is not as large as the cutting speed and feed, but in the fine cutting depth, the cutting data produced hardening layer, will also affect the tool life.

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