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Characteristics of Electric Sheet Metal Processing Technology

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YIXIN PRECISION METAL AND PLASTIC LTD owns large laser cutting machine, plate shearing machine, bending machine, grinding, welding, assembly and other sheet metal processing technologies, advanced production technology and equipment, and specializes in manufacturing various high-precision sheet metal parts. The price is reasonable, the stamping sheet metal processing uses the quality to speak.

Features of yixin precision metal and plastic ltd. electric sheet metal processing technology:

1. Under the traditional process, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now, once cutting+bending is completed. The aim of reducing working procedures, shortening construction period and reducing cost has been achieved.

2. Under the traditional process, a special fixture is configured for welding. At present, the process similar to woodworking tenon is used between components, so that the positioning is accurate, the time is saved, the welding fixture is simple, and the deformation of the product is small. The aim of shortening the construction period, reducing the cost and improving the quality is achieved.

3. Multi-bending technology has been widely used in the box manufacturing industry in China.  The advantage is that the traditional reinforcing ribs are saved. It has its unique design and technology. Thereby achieving the aims of high product quality and low manufacturing cost. In the actual process, spot welding is also required.

4. Using the laser's characteristics of fine slit and high precision, four workpieces are completed by one cutting (with micro connection) and four bending. It breaks through the design idea under the traditional technology and achieves the aims of shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

5. Due to the use of tenon structure, the whole process can be completed after the workpiece is bent and matched with spot welding process. Workpiece deformation is small, no shaping or polishing is required before spraying.

In the process of sheet metal processing, according to the basic processing method of sheet metal parts, the following materials, bending, stretching, forming and welding are adopted.  According to different processing methods, blanking can be divided into general blanking, numerical blanking, cutting, laser cutting and air cutting. Due to different processing methods, the processing manufacturability of blanking is also different.

Blanking methods of sheet metal mainly include numerical punching and laser cutting. The advantages of laser cutting are that the thickness of the processed plate is large, the shape speed of the cut workpiece is fast, and the processing is flexible. The disadvantages are that it is impossible to process and form, mesh parts are not suitable to be processed in this way, and the processing cost is high. Welding methods mainly include arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, melting welding, pressure welding and brazing. Welding of sheet metal products mainly includes arc welding and gas welding.

Arc welding is flexible, mobile and widely applicable, and can be used for all-position welding.  All equipment has the advantages of simplicity, good durability, low maintenance cost and the like. However, the labor intensity is high and the quality is not stable enough, which depends on the level of the operator.

The temperature and properties of the gas welding flame can be adjusted. The heat source for arc welding is wider than the specific heat affected zone, and the heat is less concentrated than the arc and the productivity is low. Therefore, in the process of sheet metal processing, attention must be paid to different process requirements according to the needs of processing methods.

The application of numerical control in sheet metal processing has opened up a new way for sheet metal processing and manufacturing, and has given machine tool sheet metal processing a wider processing range and development prospects. With the development of numerical control technology, sheet metal processing calculation and processing equipment are also developing in the direction of linkage and compound processing. The numerical control system shows a trend of intelligent and scientific development, which plays a full role in the development of China's processing manufacturing industry. In sheet metal welding, the main welding methods are as follows:

Arc welding, argon arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, melting welding, pressure welding and brazing. We should choose the welding method according to actual needs.

Second, the welding method of sheet metal shall be selected according to the material requirements. In the welding process, when welding carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys such as copper and aluminum below 3mm, argon arc welding and gas welding shall be selected.

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