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Technological Advantages and Manufacturing Principles of Metal Stamping Parts

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Metal stamping parts are made by stamping process. Stamping process is a method of applying external force to the blank of workpiece plate to deform or separate it so as to obtain workpieces of certain size, shape and performance. Stamping and drawing process should be combined with the actual situation of equipment and so on to select a reasonable and reliable process scheme. The following yixin precision metal and plastic ltd briefly introduces the technological advantages and manufacturing principles of the lower metal stamping parts:
I. Technological Advantages of Metal Stamping Parts
(1) The assembly and repair of metal stamping parts are simple and convenient.
(2) The shape of metal stamping parts is simple and reasonable, which is beneficial to the manufacture of dies.
(3) metal stamping parts should be applied to the existing materials and equipment, process equipment and process flow.
(4) Metal stamping parts can improve the utilization rate of metal materials and reduce the types and specifications of materials.
(5) The metal stamping parts are favorable for exchanging the same batch of workpieces to reduce scrap conditions.
II. Manufacturing Principles of Metal Stamping Parts
(1) Precision principle: The number of working procedures for drawing parts is related to material properties, drawing height, number of drawing steps, drawing diameter, material thickness, etc.
(2) Fine principle: The number of bending processes depends primarily on the messy degree of its shape, which depends on the number of bending angles and bending direction.
(3) Exquisite principle: when the section quality and standard precision of stamping parts are required to be high, it may be considered to add trimming process after blanking process or to directly select fine blanking process.
(4) Principle of accuracy: when blanking workpieces with simple shapes, it is sufficient to select a single-process die. However, when blanking workpieces with messy shapes, due to the structure or strength of the die being limited, the internal and external parts shall be divided into several parts for blanking, and multiple metal stamping processes shall be selected.
(5) Quality principle: In order to ensure the quality of fine metal stamping parts, the number of processes is sometimes required. For example, the additional process of punching holes for bending parts, the addition of deformation relief holes in the forming process to transfer deformation areas, etc., ensure the fine and exquisite quality.
III. Selection of Oil Products for Metal Stamping Parts
Stamping oil plays a key role in stamping process. Good cooling performance and extreme pressure anti-wear performance have made a qualitative leap in improving the service life of dies and workpiece precision. According to the different material of the workpiece, the emphasis of the stamping oil performance is different when it is selected.
(1) Silicon steel plate is a relatively easy punching material. Generally, low viscosity punching oil is selected on the premise of preventing punching burrs for workpiece cleaning.
(2) When selecting stamping oil for carbon steel plate, the viscosity of drawing oil should be paid attention to first. The better viscosity is determined according to the process difficulty, drawing oil feeding method and degreasing.
(3) Galvanized steel plates will have chemical reaction with chlorine additives. Therefore, when selecting stamping oil for galvanized steel plates, attention should be paid to the problem of white rust that may occur in chlorine type stamping oil. Using Yida Borun sulfur type stamping oil can avoid the problem of rust, but degreasing should be done as soon as possible after stamping.
(4) Stainless steel plates are easily hardened materials, requiring the use of drawing oil with high oil film strength and good sintering resistance. Generally, stamping oil containing sulfur and chlorine compound additives is used to ensure extreme pressure performance while avoiding problems such as burrs and cracks on workpieces.
These are the matters needing attention in the manufacture of metal stamping parts. With the rapid development of precision stamping industry, machinery manufacturing, automobile research and development, aerospace and other industries will benefit more from it.
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