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Three Reasons for Inconsistent Colors in Oxidation Coloring of Aluminum Profiles

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As a branch of anodic oxidation treatment, dyeing, due to its pleasing colors, is believed to be vigorously applied and increasingly favored by people.

What causes the inconsistent color of oxidation coloring of aluminum profiles?

One, the reason of dyeing

1. Wash before dyeing

After anodizing, sulfuric acid solution remains in the holes of the oxide film, so aluminum products must be thoroughly cleaned before staining.It is necessary to set up pure water cleaning before the dyeing tank, and to monitor the water quality.

2. Preparation of dyeing tank

Most of the dyes used in dyeing are organic dyes, which are prone to mildew.In order to effectively prevent the tank from mildew, the tank can be sterilized with bleach powder, phenol and other drugs before preparing the tank.When preparing bath solution, adding mildew preventive agent can prolong the use time of dyeing solution effectively.After the bath is prepared, it can be stored for several hours before it is put into use. To ensure a stable ph value, acetic acid -- sodium acetate can be added.

3. Dyeing process control

(1) the temperature;

(2) dye concentration;

(3) time.

4. Wash with water after dyeing

After dyeing, must will be washed, aluminum products to remove attached to float on the surface of the aluminum color, at this time to pay attention to the water quality of water tank, because the dye molecules and the combination of the oxide film is reversible, when there is more water impurity ions, prompts the dye molecules and oxidation membrane separation in the water, at this time will show the fade, the fade is often uneven, * will result in the same material have off color.

Ii. Reasons for hole sealing

Hole sealing is an indispensable part of anodic oxidation. After oxidation dyeing, only hole sealing can ensure the original color of the dyed film. There are many kinds of hole sealing technologies, such as steam hole sealing, hot water hole sealing and medium temperature hole sealing.After sealing the hole may cause the color to fade slightly lighter than before sealing the hole, but just pay attention to it.

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