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How Much do You Know about Sandblasting

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How much do you know about sandblasting

Sandblasting : using compressed air as the power form high speed injection beam, the spraying material (copper ore, quartz sand, iron sand, sea sand, silicon carbide, etc.), such as high speed jet to need to deal with the surface, the surface appearance change of components, due to the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the work piece and cutting, make get some cleanliness and different roughness of work piece surface, make the work piece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improved the artifacts to fatigue, increased its adhesion between the coating and, extend the durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and decoration. Introduce sand blasting, Yi Xin belt you have a brief understanding of sand blasting what benefits?

I. Comparison with other pretreatment processes (such as pickling and tool cleaning)

1) Sandblasting is the most thorough, universal, rapid and efficient cleaning method.

2) Sandblasting treatment can be selected at will between different roughness. However, other processes cannot achieve this. Manual polishing can produce rough surface but the speed is too slow.

II. Sandblasting application

(1) The work piece is coated and coated, and the work piece is bonded before treatment

Sand blasting can remove all dirt on the surface of the work piece rust, and set up a very important basic pattern on the surface of the work piece (that is, the so-called wool surface), and through the exchange of different particle size of abrasive, to achieve different degrees of roughness, greatly improve the work piece and coating, plating adhesion. Or make the adhesive bonding more firm, better quality.

(2) Cleaning and polishing of casting and forging parts' rough surfaces and work pieces after heat treatment

Sand blasting can clean all dirt on the surface of casting and forging parts and work pieces after heat treatment (such as residuals such as oxide skin and oil stains), and polish the surface of work pieces to improve their smoothness and beautify the work pieces.

Blasting cleaning can make the work piece show uniform and consistent metallic color, so that the appearance of the work piece more beautiful, to beautify the role of decoration.

(3) Burr cleaning and surface beautification of machined parts

Sandblasting can clean the tiny burrs on the surface of the work piece, make the surface of the work piece more even, eliminate the damage of burrs, and improve the grade of the work piece. And sand blasting can hit a small corner at the junction of the work piece surface, so that the work piece appears more beautiful, more precise.

(4) Improving the mechanical properties of the parts

After blasting mechanical parts, uniform and fine concave and convex surface can be produced on the surface of the parts (basic pattern), so that the lubricating oil can be stored, so as to improve lubrication conditions and reduce noise and improve the service life of the machinery.

(5) Decorative effect

1. Polishing the surface of various work pieces to make them more beautiful.

2, make the work piece smooth and not reflective requirements.

For some special purpose work piece, sandblasting can achieve different reflective or matte light. If stainless steel work piece, ligneous furniture surface matte changes, the decorative pattern design of ground glass surface, and the wool of cloth surface changes processing to wait.

VI. Stress relief and surface strengthening

By hitting the surface of the work piece with sand pellets, the stress can be eliminated and the surface strength of the work piece can be increased, such as the surface treatment of the work piece such as spring, machining tool and aircraft blade.

Yi Xin precision as a hardware manufacturing, to the requirement of sandblasting is very familiar with, the engineering team spent a lot of time to study different methods of surface treatment, anodic oxidation, sand blasting, laser, etc., different processing requirements of surface treatment has its own unique technology and ideas, and we have a large number of professional processing equipment: CNC, milling machine, universal car, etc., and high precision measuring instruments could be high quality high speed to complete the customer's requirements, let every customer satisfaction.

How should CNC machining tool choose?

How to choose CNC machining tools? Today, Yi Xin show you to learn these a few moves, after the tools to pick!

1, coarse turning, should choose a high strength, good durability of the tool, to meet the rough turning back draft, feed large requirements.

2. High precision and good durability should be selected to ensure the machining accuracy.

3. In order to reduce the time of tool changing and facilitate tool matching, the tool holder and tool holder should be used as far as possible.

First, CNC machining fixture reasonable choice

1. Try to use general fixture to clamp the workpiece and avoid using special fixture;

2. Parts positioning datum coincide to reduce positioning error.

Second, determine the processing route

The machining route refers to the path and direction of the tool relative to the parts in the process of precision CNC lathe and CNC lathe.

1. Requirements for machining accuracy and surface roughness shall be ensured;

2, the processing route should be as short as possible, in order to reduce the idling time of the tool.

Third, processing route and processing allowance

In the case of CNC lathes not widely used, it is usually necessary to lay too much margin on the blank, especially in the ordinary lathe including forging and casting hard cortex margin. If you want to use CNC lathe processing, must pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

Fourth, key points of fixture installation

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamp cylinder is realized by pulling rod. The key points of clamping hydraulic chuck are: first, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder by hand, remove the tube, pull out from the back end of the spindle, then remove the fixing screw of the chuck by hand, and then remove the chuck.

Yi Xin precision as a leader in this field, we in the CNC processing this a very professional, engineering team spent a lot of time to study way of different materials on the CNC processing, rough machining of CNC machining technology finishing has its own unique technology and ideas, can high quality high speed to complete the customer's requirements, percentage let every customer satisfaction.