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On the Difference between Electrolysis Polishing and Chemical Polishing

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Electropolishing is the anodic erosion of metal parts under specific conditions. This process can improve the micro-geometry of the metal surface and reduce the micro-roughness of the metal surface to achieve the purpose of brightening the surface of the part.
Electropolishing is often used for decorative finishing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other parts or coatings of copper and nickel, surface finishing of some tools, or for the production of highly reflective surfaces and for the production of metallographic test pieces. Wait.
In many cases, electropolishing can be used to replace heavy mechanical polishing, especially for parts that are more complex in shape and difficult to machine by mechanical means. However, electropolishing does not remove or mask surface defects such as deep scratches and deep pitting, nor can it remove non-metallic inclusions in the metal. In a multi-phase alloy, when one phase is not easily dissolved by the anode, the quality of the electropolishing will be affected.
Chemical polishing is the chemical etching of metal parts under specific conditions. During this etching process, the metal surface is etched and leveled by the solution to obtain a relatively bright surface.
Chemical polishing can be used for surface finishing of instruments, aluminum mirrors, and decorative processing of other parts or coatings.
Compared with electropolishing, the advantages of chemical polishing are: no need for external power supply, can handle more complex shapes, high production efficiency, but the surface quality of chemical polishing is generally slightly lower than electrolytic polishing, and solution adjustment and regeneration are also compared. Difficulties, harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides are often precipitated during the polishing process.
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