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CNC Machining Technology Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Shell

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Aluminum alloy products have unique metal texture in appearance, lightweight and strong heat dissipation, and are important choices for industrial equipment spare parts, electronic product housings, daily household appliances, and even Japanese and Asian products. In particular, aluminum alloy shell products can be seen everywhere in the industrial field and daily life. Aluminum alloy shell products are widely used in both household appliances and some tableware.

Electronic cigarette case

electronic cigarette case aluminum alloy material

With the development of manufacturing technology and the improvement of people's living standards, aluminum alloy products, especially aluminum alloy shell products, are increasingly widely used. Whether in the industrial or living fields, the application of aluminum alloy shell products facilitates people's daily life. Aluminum alloy shell products include electronic cigarette shells, mobile power supply shells, wireless charging shells, mobile phone shells, etc. The continuous expansion of the application scope of an aluminum shell and the increasing demand have greatly promoted the improvement of aluminum shell processing technology.

Aluminum alloy is an easily oxidized product. However, due to an oxide film on the surface of aluminum, it is beneficial to the processing of aluminum products to a certain extent. The processing technology of aluminum profiles ensures the service performance of the products. Aluminum profiles ensure the performance advantages of the products through the three production processes of casting, extrusion, and coloring. At the same time, oxidation, electrophoretic coating powder spraying, and other processes improve the performance of the products and ensure the production and processing of different aluminum products.

According to the needs of different fields, different raw materials are added to ensure the hardness, density and high performance of the product. Can make aluminum products more high quality, of which aluminum alloy shell processing technology is the most important.

Aluminum alloy shells are all kinds of shells made of aluminum alloy. It has high flexibility and can be cut at any depth. Generally, there is a circuit board slot in the interior. As long as the circuit board is inserted directly, it does not need to be fixed anymore. The convenience is incomparable to other material shells. The aluminum alloy shell adopts a one-step die-casting molding technology, which has waterproof and explosion-proof characteristics, protects the electrolyte inside from overflowing and plays a role in heat dissipation. Aluminum shell products have good thermal conductivity, aluminum alloy tablet computers, mobile phones, and other product shells that can better absorb and diffuse heat emitted from electronics and computer products.