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How Much Do You Know About NC?

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How much do you know about NC?

In CNC lathe processing; a lot of places need to be careful operation, so as to avoid some unnecessary problems in the process of operation, thus delaying the work schedule, affecting the efficiency of the whole work, the following YiXin to introduce you to some of the secrets of CNC lathe processing:

First, programming skills

1. Processing sequence of parts:

Drilling first and then flat end (this is to prevent shrinkage during drilling);

First rough car, then fine car (this is to ensure the accuracy of parts);

The final machining tolerance is small (this is to ensure that the surface of the small tolerance size is not scratched and prevent the parts from deforming).

2. Select reasonable speed, feed and cutting depth according to the hardness of the material:

1) Carbon steel material with high rotation speed, high feed and large cutting depth. For example, 1Gr11, S1600, F0.2, 2mm cutting depth;

2) Cemented carbide selects low speed, low feed and small cutting depth. For example: GH4033, S800, F0.08, cutting depth 0.5mm;

3) Titanium alloy with low rotation speed, high feed and small cutting depth. For example: Ti6, select S400, F0.2, and cut depth 0.3mm. Take the processing of a part as an example: the material is K414, the material is a special hard material, after many tests, the final choice is S360, F0.1, cutting depth 0.2, before processing qualified parts.

Second, knife skills

The tool is divided into tool instrument tool and direct tool. I plant most of the lathes without tool, for the direct tool, the following knife skills for the direct tool.

First, select the center of the right end face of the part as the cutter point, and set it as zero point. After the machine tool returns to the original point, each needed cutter takes the center of the right end face of the part as the zero point cutters. Input Z0 click measuring tool in contact with the right end, cutter knife repairing values will automatically record the measured values, which means that the Z axis to the knife to the good, X knife to try to cutting knife, with less tool cart cylindrical parts, measured by a car cylindrical numerical x20 (such as X 20 mm) as input, click on the measurement, knife repairing value will automatically record the measured values, then the X axis for good; This kind of tool setting method, even if the machine tool power off, call and restart still won't change the tool setting value, can be applied to a large number of long production of the same part, during which turning off the lathe does not need to re-set the tool.

Third, debugging skills

After the parts are programmed, they need to be tested and adjusted after the tool is finished. In order to prevent errors in the program and the fault of the tool, which will cause the collision accident, we should simulate the machining of the advanced travel stroke. Then start the simulation processing, after the completion of the simulation processing to confirm the procedure and knife correct, and then start the processing of the parts, the first part of the processing is completed, first self-inspection, confirmation, and then find full-time inspection, full-time inspection and confirmation after the end of debugging.

Fourth, to prevent the collision of machine tools

Machine tool collision is a great damage to the accuracy of the machine tool, the impact on different types of machine tools is not the same, in general, and the impact on the machine tool rigidity is not strong. So for the high precision CNC lathe, collision must be put an end too absolutely, as long as the operator careful and master a certain anti-collision method, collision can be completely prevented and avoided.

The main reasons for the collision are: first, the tool diameter and length input error; Second, the work piece size and other related geometric size input error and the initial position of the work piece positioning error; Third, the work piece coordinate system of the machine tool is set wrong, or the zero of the machine tool is reset in the process of processing, and the change, the machine tool collision mostly occurs in the process of rapid movement of the machine tool, at this time the impact of the greatest harm should be absolutely avoided. So the operator should pay special attention to the machine tool in the initial stage of the execution of the program and the machine tool in the replacement of the tool, once the program editing error, tool diameter and length input error, then it is very easy to have a collision. At the end of the program, the NC axis blackout action sequence is wrong, so there may also be a collision.

In order to avoid the above collision, the operator in the operation of the machine, to give full play to the functions of the five senses, observe the machine has no abnormal movement, no spark, no noise and abnormal noise, no vibration, no coke taste. If any abnormal situation is found, the program should be stopped immediately. After the machine problem is solved, the machine can continue to work.

As a leader in hardware manufacturing, YiXin Precision has high requirements on the selection and processing of car counting masters. The engineering team has spent a lot of time studying the processing skills of car counting to ensure that each piece of car counting processing products can be perfect. Different processing requirements for the products are strictly completed, and we have a large number of other professional processing equipment: CNC, milling machine, general car, etc., as well as high-precision measuring instruments can complete the requirements of customers with high quality and high speed, so that every customer is 100% satisfied.

How should CNC machining tool choose?

How to choose CNC machining tools? Today, Yi Xin show you to learn these a few moves, after the tools to pick!

1, coarse turning, should choose a high strength, good durability of the tool, to meet the rough turning back draft, feed large requirements.

2. High precision and good durability should be selected to ensure the machining accuracy.

3. In order to reduce the time of tool changing and facilitate tool matching, the tool holder and tool holder should be used as far as possible.

First, CNC machining fixture reasonable choice

1. Try to use general fixture to clamp the workpiece and avoid using special fixture;

2. Parts positioning datum coincide to reduce positioning error.

Second, determine the processing route

The machining route refers to the path and direction of the tool relative to the parts in the process of precision CNC lathe and CNC lathe.

1. Requirements for machining accuracy and surface roughness shall be ensured;

2, the processing route should be as short as possible, in order to reduce the idling time of the tool.

Third, processing route and processing allowance

In the case of CNC lathes not widely used, it is usually necessary to lay too much margin on the blank, especially in the ordinary lathe including forging and casting hard cortex margin. If you want to use CNC lathe processing, must pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

Fourth, key points of fixture installation

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamp cylinder is realized by pulling rod. The key points of clamping hydraulic chuck are: first, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder by hand, remove the tube, pull out from the back end of the spindle, then remove the fixing screw of the chuck by hand, and then remove the chuck.

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